Interprint becomes part of the Toppan Group - Transaction successfully completed

Toppan strengthens its position as one of the world's leading companies in the printing industry. After receiving approval from the competition authorities, the takeover of the Interprint Group was completed. The joint, global decor printing activities will in future be conducted under the brand name "Interprint - a Toppan company".

Tokyo, Japan / Arnsberg, Germany - 1 November 2019. The agreement between Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Toppan) and Wrede Industrieholding GmbH & Co. KG (Wrede) to acquire 100% of Interprint GmbH (Interprint) has been approved without conditions by the relevant competition authorities.

Together with Toppan's existing decor printing activities, Interprint will form a new global platform for leading surface solutions of all kinds. This global platform is an important step in the global expansion of Toppan's activities.

"By bundling our forces, this new platform will enable us to make the joint product portfolio available to our customers worldwide. We will also offer even better surface solutions for our markets and beyond with the complementary development resources," said Hideo Yoshikawa, who was appointed CEO of the Interprint Group and member of the Advisory Board effective 1 November 2019.

"The industrial logic behind this transaction has fully convinced us. The combination of two outstanding players creates a new, innovation-driven industry leader that can offer unique solutions to customers worldwide," said Michael Sindram, Managing Director of Wrede Industrieholding.

"We are pleased to be able to hand over Interprint to a strong and reliable partner. Together with Toppan, Interprint is in an excellent position to reach the next stage of development and continue the success story of the last fifty years," said Thomas Wrede, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Wrede Industrieholding.

Contacts for further information:

Wrede Industrieholding GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Sindram
managing director
Phone: +49 2932 630 400

Toppan Europe GmbH
Martijn Huisman
business director
Phone: +49 211 732 76 00