Corporate Philosophy

WREDE Industrieholding consolidates the entrepreneurial activities of the Wrede family. Its aim is to act in three independent business areas. On the one hand, the divisions are characterized by their national and international growth potential, and on the other hand by their leading market position in each of the relevant markets.

As a traditional medium-sized family business, WREDE Industrieholding pursues a sustainable growth strategy. A consistent strategy of reinvestment into the Group strengthens the subsidiaries and provides a solid foundation for investment, and thus for profitable, sustainable growth. The overarching objective is to strengthen the market position of the companies nationally and internationally and to maintain and support their independence.

Core Competencies

Medium-sized companies are currently facing a number of external influences and upheavals. The consequences of rapid globalization, the dynamic development of technology and the continuing trend towards concentration at all market levels expose SMEs to major challenges.

Important success factors of medium-sized companies are: short decision-making paths due to flat hierarchies, market proximity, flexibility and high employee retention and motivation. Especially in challenging conditions, these factors form an important basis for assertion in competitive markets. However, in order to remain effective, they require the addition of sound business resources. The priority needs of medium-sized companies often consist of the improvement of profitability and a solid equity base in order to be able to finance future-securing investments.

To meet these requirements, WREDE Industrieholding focuses on the following key tasks: selection and composition of the subsidiaries’ management, support in defining the corporate strategy, the business organization, in planned acquisitions and in financing.


WREDE Industrieholding regards the management of each of the companies as the driving force behind the company's success. The managements act as entrepreneurs and are supported by short decision-making paths and the willingness, to respond flexibly and proactively to changing framework conditions. Active entrepreneurship enjoys high priority in the sustainably designed expansion of companies under the umbrella of WREDE Industrieholding.